AAU discusses the latest developments in Wireless Communications



The College of Engineering at Al Ain University, in conjunction with IEEE UAE Section, IEEE UAE MTT-S & IM-S Joint Chapter and the IEEE AAU Student Branch, organized a technical talk, entitled “Antennas for Wireless Communications and other Applications - Recent Advances and Future Trends”, and presented by Prof. Yahia Antar (IEEE Fellow and past Distinguished Lecturer in IEEE AP society) - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Royal Military College (Kingston, Canada). The talk was attended by Dr. Amer Qasem, AAU Vice President, Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat, Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Faten Kharbat Deputy Dean of the College of Engineering, academic staff, researchers, and students.

Prof. Antar addressed some current and new emerging directions of research in antenna systems, new fundamental approaches for antenna analysis, the near fields and electromagnetic energy around antenna systems, and possible implications on future antenna systems design. The speaker talked briefly about the importance and impact of this research on engineering education.

After the talk, Dr. Khaddaj Mallat thanked Prof. Antar for his informative talk and stated that the College of Engineering will continue to collaborate with the IEEE UAE section in serving the scientific community in the UAE by organizing various events. 

At the end, Prof. Antar was honored by Dr. Qasem and Dr. Khaddaj Mallat for his great efforts.


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