AAU President Honored Distinguished Students



Al Ain University represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs organized the ‘University’s Honor List Ceremony’ at Al Ain Campus, to honor the excellent students from different majors, in the presence of Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, Dr. Ibtehal Aburezeq Dean of Student Affairs, Deans of Colleges, outstanding students and their parents.

Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, stressed on the importance of exerting effort, perseverance, and diligence to achieve excellence. He also stressed on the parents’ roles in supporting the students and providing the right environment for them.

Dr. Aburezeq said that excellence is not limited to academic aspect, but reflects the lifestyle, urged distinguished students for further success and wished them further excellence in their years of study.

It is worth to mention that, AAU is keen to organize this ceremony quarterly, to encourage distinguished students to continue the academic achievement par excellence. Where the AAU presents appreciation shields and certificates, in addition to, valuable souvenirs.


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