Al Ain University Starts the Year of Zayed Activities


The Deanship of Students Affairs at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, started its events for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2017-2018by launching an initiative entitled “Zayed is a mark on our chests", In response to the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, to declare 2018 as the Year of Zayed.

The initiative included distribution of symbolic gifts to the AAU family represented in the official logo of the Year of Zayed with his sayings.

Dr. Hani Al Jarrah, Deputy Dean of Students Affairs, said “This year will not be like any other year, It will be full with various initiatives, programs, events and activities that will highlight the Year of Zayed”.

It is worth to mention that, the aim of announcing 2018 as the Year of Zayed is to commemorate the memory of the late father Zayed and documenting the achievements of a wise man and a nation that was and will always remain in our hearts.


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