College of Engineering organizes an Open Scientific Day

An activity day organized by the College of Engineering at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, contained a research seminar and different workshops for faculty and students, and a calculus competition for calculus I students.

The day started with Dr. Tarik Elamsy where he gave a workshop entitled “Plagiarism” where he defined for the students what Plagiarism means and what the academic consequences for having a plagiarized work. He also mentioned the different types of how you can plagiarize and gave some examples to make the students understand the concept. In the end, he provided an activity for the students to assure that they recognized the plagiarism idea and rewarded the students who got the right answers. 

Next, Dr. Ismail ben Mabrouk explained his research topic “Radio Communication in underground gold mine” where he presented his own experience in the underground gold mine. In the beginning, he explained the radio communication concept above the ground and gave examples of the communication system, so the attendees can get the full picture. Then, he mentioned the difficulties to apply the communication systems in underground mines and assured the importance to have a radio communication, hence, the importance of his research. He gave and explained the theories that he built on how to create a radio communication system in underground mines and how to apply these theories to reality.  

At the end, in order to provide great incentive to appeal students’ minds into understanding calculus and to have the ability managing their time while solving problems, College of Engineering- Abu Dhabi Campus- organized “Calculus Competition” conducted by Dr. Hedia Fgaier and Dr. Nuha Hamada. The competition was attended by students from Calculus 1. The competition arrangement was to create teams (each team of 6 students) and they have to compete against each other to solve problems as quickly as possible. One problem is given at a time, and the points and time available vary from problem to problem. Each team that has the correct answer within the time limit receives points for that problem. The competition motivates the students to work in terms and utilize the time optimally to collect more points. The event concluded with honoring the winning team as determined by the highest score.

The aim of this day was to develop the faculty and student skills, enhance their knowledge about the various topics, as well as, enhance the spirit of fair competition through the calculus competition, in addition to creating a different atmosphere away from the academic routine.


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