The College of Education celebrates the student’s achievements in the training field


The College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Ain University at Abu Dhabi Campus, organized a celebration for the students’ works who presented their graduation projects and completion files. In the presence of Dr. Amer Qasem, AAU Vice President, Dr. Khaled Nasr, Deputy Dean of the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, academic staff and AAU students.

The Vice President praised the quality of the practical training done by the students and the good impact left by them in the concerned institutions which are reflected positively on the university reputation.

Students from different majors also spoke about their experiences in the training. At the end of the ceremony, the Vice President honored the winners of the best achievement portfolio, followed by the opening of the winning files exhibition.

This event comes from the vision and mission of the college in particular and the AAU, in general, to prepare teachers and professional practitioners in the educational, humanitarian and social fields by integrating students in practice field to achieve experiences from the relevant institutions.



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