AAU and Abu Dhabi Police spread the first aid culture virtually

The Deanship of Student Affairs (Al Ain Campus) organizes in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (Public Safety and Emergency Services Section / Al Ain) a virtual workshop on first aid, presented by Mrs. Auda bin Ghalab and Mr. Khaled Al Saadi.

The workshop started with an overview about Covid-19 and how to prevent it, by wearing the mask and gloves, following precautionary measures, and applying social distancing. After that, the presenters introduced the First Aid types, qualities that must be characterized by the medic, how to intervene with emergency types of wounds and bleeding, or if there is a strange thing inside the body and in the fire cases. And it aims to train the students on how to provide primary care to save a life of any person who may be exposed to emergency health cases which is considered as an initial aid until a specialized person arrives and provide medical care for the patient or to be transferred to the nearest hospital or medical clinic.

Prof. Ibtehal Aburezeq, Dean of Student Affairs, noting that Al Ain University used to organize the first aid workshop continuously, yet the current circumstances the world is witnessing due to Corona pandemic prevented the workshop from being held on site. She also stressed on the importance of this workshop which aims to publish the first-aid culture in the field of education, added that the workshop aims to provide the students with the knowledge about emergency service to those in need, whether inside or outside the university or in any family or social gathering.


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