AAU President honors distinguished teachers and stressed on their positive impact

On the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus, honored the winning teachers and students participating in the competition entitled; “A Teacher who has a positive imprint in your life”, in the presence of Prof. Ghaleb El-Refae, AAU President, and Prof. Ibtehal Abu Rezeq, Vice President for Development and Follow-up and the Dean of Student Affairs. In recognition of their efforts in the education sector and their prominent role in the upbringing of future generations.

Prof. El-Refae said that the role played by the teacher cannot be described in words, and the ideal, creative and loyal teacher will undoubtedly have an impact forever on the behaviors of students. He also praised the role played by the wise leadership of the UAE in taking care of the teachers and the field of education, stressing that, innovation, leadership, and good citizenship cannot exist without the teacher who instills these qualities in the children.

Prof. Abu Rezeq said that the teacher deserves appreciation and honor for their unlimited giving in order to build and raise an educated generation capable of building the nation.

The winning teachers and participating students praised the opportunity provided by Al Ain University to honor and celebrate outstanding teachers, which makes them proud and encourages them to work harder.

As for the Abu Dhabi Campus, the Deanship of Student Affairs, in cooperation with the Student Recruitment Unit, organized an initiative entitled "From You We Learned", where they visited some schools in Abu Dhabi and presented appreciation gifts to the teachers. 


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