AAU participates in the National Service Career Fair 2022


Al Ain University participated in the 5th version of the National Service Career Fair 2022, organized by the UAE Armed Forces, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre (ADNEC).

AAU seeks to build bridges of communication with the national service recruits who are looking for job opportunities or for those wishing to continue their education and studies, by showing them the academic programs, activities, services, career opportunities, scholarships, and training courses.

The College of Engineering students participated with their projects in the fields of Cybersecurity, programming, and civil engineering, to show the visitors some practical models about what they will study at the university.

As a representative of the College of Engineering, Dr. Nuha Hamada attended the exhibition and was accompanied by a number of lab assistants from the College, who presented awareness workshops that serve the National Service recruits to gain knowledge about the engineering specialization and its importance in advancing the development projects in the UAE.

Dr. Nuha presented a workshop on the importance of engineering majors, to achieve the UAE goal of being the ‘best country in the world’. She also talked about engineering majors in general and the programs offered by Al Ain University in particular.

Engineer Esraa Al-Nashash conducted a workshop entitled “Welcome to the Future”, in which she spoke about the most important technologies on which the technology industry is based in our time, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things.

She, also, included in her workshop, the disciplines that lead to the world of technology at Al Ain University, such as software engineering, cyber security, and computer science.

Engineer Huda Al-Hayh’s introduced a workshop entitled “Steps Towards Changing the World” was keen to educate the national service recruits about the importance of studying the disciplines of network and communication engineering and computer engineering, which contributes to securing their professional and educational future after completing their national service, refining their skills and charting their future steps.

Engineer Esraa Hajja presented a workshop entitled "Discover Civil Engineering" aimed at introducing national service recruits to civil engineering and its various fields, in addition to their participation in some creative engineering projects and introducing them to the role of the civil engineer in building the future. The workshop also clarified the reasons that push the student to join the civil engineering program at Al Ain University through their participation in distinct facts about the program, the most important of which are the advanced engineering laboratories.

This participation came from the belief of the AAU’s administration in the importance of participating in various exhibitions where to strengthen its presence in the country.


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