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Pharmacy students at Al Ain University achieve first places in "DUPHAT 2022"

  • Posted on:Feb 24, 2022

The College of Pharmacy students at Al Ain University, won 5 prizes at DUPHAT 2022, judging by a panel of prominent international judges in the field of pharmacy.

The first best ‘Poster Presentation’ award was obtained by Hala El Khatib, Dana AlHamdan, and Marina Al Nassrallah (Al Ain campus), under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Majed. While the second-best ‘Informative Poster’ award went to Sedra Kremesh, Lama Abu Amer, and Yusra Al Sheikh (Abu Dhabi campus) under the supervision of Prof.  Mohammed Ghattas and Dr. Azza Ramadan. Also, the third-best ‘Creative Poster’ award went to Hedaya Al-Ali, Shahd Mohammad, and Razan Kassem Al Kais (Al Ain campus), under the supervision of Dr. Amira Shaaban. Moreover, the fourth-best ‘Organizing Poster’ award went to Dina Aboubaker, Khaled Barakat, and Hajir Al Saadi (Al Ain campus), under the supervision of Dr. Mosab Arafat. And the last prize went for Nour Dabbagh, Danah albek, and Zainab Abdulnasser (Abu Dhabi campus), under the supervision of Dr. Rose Ghemrawi.

Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor, was briefed on the students’ posters during a visit to the exhibition. In this context, he said: “I was pleased to discover the latest developments in pharmaceutical products, modern technologies, and scientific research in a beautiful form that brings scientists, students, and drug manufacturers together in one place. We are proud of the College of Pharmacy students, for their efforts and active participation, and for achieving advanced positions for the best posters displayed in various categories.”

Dr. Khairi Mustafa, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, expressed his pride in the winning students, stressing the interest of the Pharmacy College to provide continuous support to students, and it is keen to give them the opportunity to participate in such competitions that encourage scientific research and gain experience.

It is worth mentioning that; this is not the first time that the students of the College of Pharmacy have won advanced positions in the DUPHAT exhibition, where Al Ain University is keen on participating annually in the DUPHAT to enhance student’s skills, which qualify them to engage with the pharmaceutical market and provides them the opportunity to keep updated with the latest technology in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmacy supplies.


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