Seminar Entitled “The Importance of Geotechnical Investigation Reports”

The College of Engineering at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) organized a seminar entitled “The Importance of Geotechnical Investigation Reports” moderated by Dr. Abdulla Sharo and Eng. Esraa Hijah.

The seminar was presented by Eng. Ghina Faour, the head of geotechnical engineering department in the NSCC International contracting company, and it was attended by engineering faculty and students.

Eng. Ghina Faour discussed how important are the geotechnical investigation reports by presenting a case study showing the challenges that geotechnical engineers faced during the early stages of the project because of weak geotechnical investigation reports. Moreover, Eng. Ghina discussed sustainability and environmental related issues, which were raised during the project and how engineers collaborated to resolve it and protect the environment.

This workshop aimed to raise awareness about the importance of geotechnical engineering, and it is part of the continues support of the College of Engineering towards its faculty and students in terms of knowledge and preparation for real life.


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