Stock market investment fantasy project

Sep 01, 2019


Published in: TEM Journal

Publisher: - Association for Information Communication Technology Education and Science

In this paper, we argue that the stock market can be conceived, somehow, as a fantasy league project if it is played well. Envisioning the stock market within the fantasy sports framework, can stimulate the stock market investment and improve the chances for success. The player or investors can view the stock market as a checking list of the stock and their performance before do one' shopping. While the project was a software engineering item, the backend project has a front office website by which investors can see the stock and make a decision. This project will use the Nested IF-THEN-ELSE-END IF statements to check prices of specific stock at particular time, in order to make decision on buying, holding, or selling, according to its actual performance. A wide range of stock prices prediction approaches are used in addition to the event driven actions.

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