Levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin D Pathway Gene polymorphisms in adults: results from agriculture workers in Punjab, Pakistan

Published in: Progress in Nutrition

Jan 09, 2020

Nadia Hussain Amira SA Said Mirza Rafi Baig

Background and aims: Worldwide low levels of vitamin D (< 30ng/dL) is prevalent and linked to bone disorders, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Deficiency in Vitamin D is a diagnostic challenge in asymptomatic individuals. The present study aimed to assess the environmental and also the genetic determinants affecting vitamin D deficiency in an asymptomatic rural agricultural population sample of Punjab province of Pakistan. Material and method: An interview based questionnaire and blood sam...


Financing Constraints and Investment Efficiency of Canadian Real Estate and Construction Firms: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Published in: Working in progress based on Reviewers Comments

Dec 31, 2019

/ Abureza Islam

This article investigates the financing constraints and investment efficiency of Canadian real estate and construction firms (RECFs) using a stochastic frontier approach. Our results support the observation that Canadian RECFs have a strong dependence of using both equity financing and debt financing and debt financing is likely to reduce the uncertainty of future financing while equity financing might enlarge the uncertainty. Regional analysis shows that the investment efficiency level o...


Market Driven Sustainable Construction and Demolition Waste in UAE

Published in: Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana

Nov 30, 2019

/ Liza Gernal Rommel Sergio Ahmed Jamal Musleh

Waste management is a major problem and challenge specially in countries that have just started to build their infrastructure like the United Arab Emirates where the daily generation of huge waste is not tolerable. The Government of United Arab Emirates has created different initiatives coupled with several recycling projects to balance between the environmental sustainability along with the economic growth to ensure the long-term quality of life of its citizens and its residents. The aim of th...


Establishing the link between marketing and accounting functions: a review

Published in: International Journal of Business Excellence

Nov 08, 2019

/ Mohammed Nuseir

Marketing and accounting functions are carried out by two different departments of an organisation. These two departments should complement each other practically and perceptually, but in fact, this rarely appears to be the case. The functions carried out by the marketing and accounting departments tend to be very different, and there has been little attempt to link them. This literature review examines the respective functions of the two departments and links them through the prism of the stak...

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