Mobile robot controller using novel hybrid system

Published in: International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Apr 01, 2020

/ Yazeed Ghadi

Hybrid neuro-fuzzy controller is one of the techniques that is used as a tool to control a mobile robot in unstructured environment. In this paper a novel neuro-fuzzy technique is proposed in order to tackle the problem of mobile robot autonomous navigation in unstructured environment. Obstacle avoidance is an important task in the field of robotics, since the goal of autonomous robot is to reach the destination without collision. The objective is to make the robot move along a collision free t...


Managing Asymmetric Information Effects in Decision Making: Task Complexity-Based Model

Published in: International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology

Jan 30, 2020

/ Belkacem Athamena / zina houhamdi / Ghaleb El Refae

This paper proposes a formal model to manage the impact of asymmetric information in decision making by using principal-agent problems in which an agent (who has incomplete information) must decide to perform or not perform a task on behalf of the principal. After performing a complex (simple) task, the agent underrates (overrates) his competence. As a consequence of underestimation, a competent agent may decide to stop performing the task henceforth. The agent infers his competence from his pr...

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