Design-Oriented Two-Stage Surrogate Modeling of Miniaturized Microstrip Circuits With Dimensionality Reduction

Published in: Journal

Jul 12, 2020

Contemporary microwave design heavily relies on full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation tools. This is especially the case for miniaturized devices where EM cross-coupling effects cannot be adequately accounted for using equivalent network models. Unfortunately, EM analysis incurs considerable computational expenses, which becomes a bottleneck whenever multiple evaluations are required. Common simulation-based design tasks include parametric optimization and uncertainty quantification. These ...


Extending UML Use Case Diagrams to Represent Non-Interactive Functional Requirements

Published in: e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal

Jul 06, 2020

Saqib Iqbal Issam Al-Azzoni Gary Allen Hikmat Ullah Khan

Background: The comprehensive representation of functional requirements is a crucial activity in the analysis phase of the software development life cycle. Representation of a complete set of functional requirements helps in tracing business goals effectively throughout the development life cycle. Use case modelling is one of the most widely-used methods to represent and document functional requirements of the system. Practitioners exploit use case modelling to represent interactive functional ...


An Efficient Routing Scheme for Intrabody Nanonetworks using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Published in: Journal

Jul 02, 2020

H. Fahim S. Javaid W. Li I. B. Mabrouk M. A. Hasan and M. B. B. Rasheed

An Intrabody Nanonetwork (IBNN) is constituted by nanoscale devices that are implanted inside the human body for monitoring of physiological parameters for disease diagnosis and treatment purposes. The extraordinary accuracy and precision of these nanoscale devices in cellular level disease diagnosis and drug delivery are envisioned to advance the traditional healthcare system. However, the feature constraints of these nanoscale devices, such as inadequate energy resources, topology-unawareness...

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