Teachers' Perceptions of Code-Switching Functions and Effects in English as a Foreign Language Classrooms

Published in: European Journal of Educational Research

Jul 15, 2022

/ Wafa' Hazaymeh

The purpose of this study was to look into teachers' perceptions of code-switching functions and effects in English as a foreign language classroom. In the study, a descriptive survey design and an interview were used to investigate the functions and effects of code-switching in English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom. 46 people responded to the survey questionnaire about code-switching functions and their impact in the classroom. Seven teachers participated in the group interview. The in...


An Organization’s Success and a Three-Factor Model of Leadership: Evidence from Harvard University

Published in: Interchange

Jun 01, 2022

/ Bayan Farhan

The study illustrates the leadership role in an academic organization and investigates the leadership approaches that might account for an organization’s success. Leadership at Harvard University is studied as a case study to characterize leadership legacy and to explore whether or not a combination of three leadership factors might be indispensable to the success of academic organization. This study is conducted through a thematic design. Short quotes are reviewed to provide a practical analys...


Model-Driven Approach to Fading-Aware Wireless Network Planning Leveraging Multiobjective Optimization and Deep Learning

Published in: Mathematical Problems in Engineering

Apr 08, 2022

Dragana Krstic Nenad Petrovic / Issam Al-Azzoni

Efficient resource planning is recognized as one of the key enablers making the large-scale deployment of next-generation wireless networks available for mass usage. Modelling, planning, and software simulation tools reduce both the time needed and costs of their tuning and realization. In this paper, we propose a model-driven framework for proactive network planning relying on synergy of deep learning and multiobjective optimization. The predictions about service demand and energy consumption ...

Conference Paper

Model-Driven Approach to COVID-19 Vaccination Planning Leveraging Multi-Objective Optimization and Deep Learning

Published in: Small Systems Simulation Symposium (SSSS)

Feb 28, 2022

Nenad Petrovic / Issam Al-Azzoni

Vaccination is recognized as one of crucial measures in battle against COVID-19, contributing to both the reduction of its negative impact on infected person and overall spread reduction. In this paper, we focus on adoption of model-driven approach to proactive and cost-effective vaccine distribution, relying on deep-learning (for vaccine-demand predictions) and multi-objective optimization (for solving the allocation problem). As outcome, software simulation tool for efficient vaccination plan...

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