Mohammad Issa Al-Hourani, Ph.D

Director, Arabic Language and Literature, and Islamic Studies Programs

Associate Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133237


Ph.D. Arabic Language : Literature and Criticism, Yarmouk University, Jordan.

M.Sc. Arabic Language : Literature and Criticism, The Hashemite University, Jordan.

B.Sc. Arabic Language, Yarmouk University, Jordan.

Research Interests

 Arabic Language, Ancient Literature, Modern Literature, Literary Criticism, Prosdy, Grammar and Morphology, Rhetoric, Education.

Selected Publications


1-       Manifestations of Place in Al-Raneen Short Story Collection by Amin Oudah

Analytic Study, Dr. Mohammad Issa Alhourani.Dr. Suad Al-Waely, .Dr. Tar Abdallahi

Rupkatha journal on interdisciplinary. Vol12-No4/2020.

2-      Pause or consonantal quiescence .haa’ (haa’ al-sakt) between Qurraa’ and grammarians. Tar Abdallahi, Mohammad Issa Alhourani. OPCION. Opción, Año 36, Especial No.26/2019

3-      The Image of the Creator in Ibn Rashiq’s Book “Al Omda. Mohammad Issa Alhourani.Opcion. VOL.35(2019).

4-      Ijtihad: Concept, requirements, derivatives, and issues from Imam Zakariya Al-Sunaiki´s perspective.Opcion. Año 36, Especial No.27(2020).

5-       Assessing the quality of services offered to gifted students in Al Ain schools from the perspective of teachers and students. Ziyad Kamel Ellala, Jamal Abu Atia, Mohammad Issa Al-Hourani. İlköğretim Online - Elementary Education. العدد 10- 2020.

6-      The Dilemma of Renovation in Arabic Poetry Music -A Study in the Criterion of Verse. Mohammad Issa Alhourani. Mohammad Alamaireh. Journal of critical Reviews. Vol 7 issue4/2020.

7-      The Prince of Arab Poets and his Critics: The Battle’s Hidden Motives. Mohammad Issa Alhourani , Hanene Lahiani. Opcion. VOL.24(2019).

8-      The effectiveness of teaching the text structure in developing persuasive writing skills for high school students in the United Arab Emirates. UTOPIA. Volume 11, Issue 9, 2020.

Teaching Courses

Arabic Language, Ancient Literature, Modern Literature, Literary Criticism, Prosdy, Grammar and Morphology, Rhetoric.


- Member of the Jordanian Writers Association, the Arab Writers Union and the Asia and Africa Writers Union.

- Member of the International Association of Heads of Arabic Language Departments in the Universities of the World.

- Member of the International Federation of Arabic Language.