Muhammad Sarfraz, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024872


Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton (AB) Canada

MPhil (Pharmaceutics), The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

B.Pharm., The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Research Interests

  • Synthesis and In Vitro and In Vivo Characterization of Nanoparticles.
  • Target Drug Delivery of Nanoparticles and its Impact on Cell Models.
  • Developing Co-Culture models for Cancer Cells and Macrophages.
  • PBPK/PD modeling, DDI modeling and IVIVCs using Gastroplus Simulation Software.

Selected Publications

 Solmaz Mojarad-Jabali, Masoud Farshbaf, Salar Hemmati, Muhammad Sarfraz, Hamidreza Motasadizadeh, Javid Shahbazi Mojarrad, Fatemeh Atyabi, Parvin Zakeri-Milani, Hadi Valizadeh. Comparison of three synthetic transferrin mimetic small peptides to promote the blood-brain barrier penetration of vincristine liposomes for improved glioma targeted therapy. Int. J. PharmVol 613, 121395, 2022

 Sidra Huma, Haji Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Shakeel Ijaz, Muhammad Sarfraz, Hafiz Saqib Zaka, Aousaf Ahmad. Development of Niacinamide/Ferulic Acid-Loaded Multiple Emulsion and Its In Vitro/In Vivo Investigation as a Cosmeceutical ProductBiomed Res. Int.  p 725053. 2022

 Muhammad Irfan Siddique, Muhammad Sarfraz, Khurram Rehman, Muhammad Farhan Sohail, Haliza Katas. Oral Dispersible Films from Product Development to End-User Acceptability: A Review Crit Rev Ther Drug Carrier SystVol 39 (1), 2022.

 Fahimeh Zahednezhad, Javid Shahbazi Mojarrad, Parvin Zakeri-Milani, Behzad Baradaran, Mohammad Mahmoudian, Muhammad Sarfraz & Hadi Valizadeh. Surface modification with cholesteryl acetyl carnitine, a novel cationic agent, elevates cancer cell uptake of the PEGylated liposomes. Int. J. PharmVol 609, 121148, 2021

 Mosab Arafat, Muhammad Sarfraz, Mohammad F Bostanudin, Anna Esmaeil, Aisha Salam & Salahdein AbuRuz. In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Oral Controlled Release Formulation of BCS Class I Drug Using Polymer Matrix SystemPharmaceuticals 14 (9), 929. 2021

Solmaz Jabaliab, Masoud Farshbaf, Paul Walker, Salar Hemmati, Yousef Fatahi, Parvin Milani, Muhammad Sarfraz & Hadi Valizadeh. An update on actively targeted liposomes in advanced drug delivery to glioma. Int. J. PharmVol 602, 2021.

 M Rashid, M Sarfraz, M Arfat, A Hussain, N Abbas, K Hussain, NI Bukhari. Prediction of pharmacokinetic parameters and dose of pregabalin gastroretentive formulation in healthy adults, healthy pediatrics and renal-impaired geriatricsJ Drug Deliv Sci Technol  63, 102548, 2021

 MI Siddique, H Katas, M Sarfraz, TA Chohan, A Jamil, MCIM Amin. Clinical insights into topically applied multipronged nanoparticles in subjects with atopic dermatitisJ Drug Deliv Sci Technol 65, 102744.2021

 Mosab Arafat, Muhammad Sarfraz, Salahdein AbuRuz. Development and In Vitro Evaluation of Controlled Release Viagra® Containing Poloxamer-188 Using Gastroplus PBPK Modeling Software for In Vivo Predictions and Pharmacokinetic Assessments. Pharmaceuticals 14 (5), 479.  2021

 Mehri Niazi, Parvin Zakeri-Milani, Mehdi Soleymani-Goloujeh, Ali Mohammadi, Muhammad Sarfraz, Raimar Löbenberg, Saeedeh Najafi-Hajivar, Javid Shahbazi-Mojarrad, Masoud Farshbaf, Hadi Valizadeh. Effects of self-assembled cell-penetrating peptides and their nano-complexes on ABCB1 expression and activity. Iran. J. Med. Sci.24 (3), 383. 2021

 Memoona Rashid, Muhammad Sarfraz, Mosab Arafat, Amjad Hussain, Nasir Abbas, Muhammad Waqas Sadiq, Muhammad Fawad Rasool, Nadeem Irfan Bukhari. Prediction of lisinopril pediatric dose from the reference adult dose by employing a physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelBMC Pharmacol. Toxicol.. 21 (1), 1-14, 2020.

 Hammad Saleem, Muhammad Sarfraz, Kashif Maqbool Khan, Muhammad Ijaz Anwar, Gokhan Zengin, Irshad Ahmad, Shafi-Ullah Khan, Fawzi M Mahomoodally, Nafees Ahemad. UHPLC-MS Phytochemical profiling, biological propensities and in-silico studies of Alhagi maurorum roots: A medicinal herb with multifunctional propertiesDrug Dev. Ind. Pharm. 46, (5), 861-868, 2020.

 Michael B Bolger, Joyce S Macwan, Muhammad Sarfraz, May Almukainzi, Raimar Löbenberg. The Irrelevance of in vitro Dissolution in Setting Product Specifications for Drugs like Dextromethorphan that are Subject to Lysosomal TrappingJ Pharm Pharm Sci..108 (1), 268-278. 2019.

 MF Bostanudin, M Arafat, M Sarfraz, DC Górecki, E Barbu. Butylglyceryl Pectin Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Formulation and Characterization.Polymers 11 (5), 789, 2019.

 Ah Othman Al Hanbali, HAJI Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Muhammad Sarfraz, Mosab Arafat. Transdermal patches: Design and current approaches to painless drug delivery. Acta Pharm, 69 (2), 197-215, 2019.

  Sadia Iftikhar, Anum Saqib, Muhammad Rehan Sarwar, Muhammad Sarfraz, Mosab Arafat, Qurat-ul-ain Shoaib.Capacity and willingness to use information technology for managing chronic diseases among patients: A cross-sectional study in Lahore, PakistanPLOS One 14 (1) 2019.

 Nayab Khalid, Muhammad Sarfraz, Mosab Arafat, Muhammad Akhtar, Raimar Löbenberg, Nisar Ur Rehman. Nano-sized Droplets of Self-Emulsifying System for Enhancing Oral Bioavailability of Chemotherapeutic Agent VP-16 in Rats: A Nano Lipid Carrier for BCS Class IV Drugs. J Pharm Pharm Sci.21 (1) 398-408. October 2018.

 A Saqib, MR Sarwar, M Sarfraz, S Iftikhar. Causality and preventability assessment of adverse drug events of antibiotics among inpatients having different lengths of hospital stay: a multicenter, cross-sectional study in Lahore, Pakistan. BMC Pharmacol. Toxicol. 19 (1), 34, 2018.

 S Iftikhar, MR Sarwar, A Saqib, M Sarfraz. Causality and preventability assessment of adverse drug reactions and adverse drug events of antibiotics among hospitalized patients: A multicenter, cross-sectional study in Lahore, Pakistan. PloS one 13 (6), 2018

MR SarwarS.IftikharM SarfrazInfluence of Education Level of Older Patients on Polypharmacy, Potentially Inappropriate Medications Listed in Beer’s Criteria, and Unplanned Hospitalization: A Cross-Sectional Study in Lahore, PakistanMedicina 54(4),57, 2018.

 Othman A Al Hanbali, Rania Hamed, Mosab Arafat, Youssef Bakkour, Hisham Al-Matubsi, Randa Mansour, Yazan Al-Bataineh, Mohammad Aldhoun, Muhammad Sarfraz, Abdel Khaleq Yousef Dardas. Formulation and evaluation of diclofenac controlled release matrix tablets made of HPMC and Poloxamer 188 polymer: An assessment on a mechanism of drug releasePak J Pharm Sci, 31: 1 (Suppl), p 345-351, 2018..

 Mosab Arafat, Kirchhoefer C, Mikov M, Sarfraz M, Löbenberg M. Nanosized liposomes containing bile salt: a vesicular nanocarrier for enhancing oral bioavailability of BCS class III drug. J Pharm Pharm Sci. 20: 305-318, 2017.

 Muhammad Sarfraz, Wilson Roa, Nadia Bou-Chacra & Raimar Löbenberg. Inflammation caused by nano-sized delivery systems: Is there a benefit? Mol. Pharmaceutics. 13 (9), pp 3270–3278, 2016.

 Nisar-Ur-Rehman, Muhammad Khan Sarfraz and Sabeeh Mohsin. Characterization and quantification of pH sensitive polymers used in drug targeting by inverse phase gas chromatography and dynamic vapour sorption technique. Mater. Express. 6, 344-350, Aug 2016.

Yuan Gao, Muhammad Khan Sarfraz, Sophie-Dorothee Clas, Wilson Roa,§ and Raimar Löbenberg. Hyaluronic acid α-Tocopherol succinate-based selfassembling micelles for targeted delivery of rifampicin to alveolar macrophages. J. Biomed. Nanotech volume 11 No 8 p-1312-1329.  2015.

 Asadullah Madni, Muhammad Sarfraz, Mubashar Rehman, Mahmood Ahmad1, Naveed Akhtar, Saeed Ahmad, Nayab Tahir, Shakeel Ijaz, Raida Al-Kassas and Raimar Löbenberg. Liposomal Drug Delivery: A versatile platform for Challenging Clinical Applications. J Pharm Pharm Sci 17(3) 401-426, 2014.











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Teaching Courses

Physical Pharmacy,

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetic.

Medication Dispensing and Drug Distribution System.

Advanced Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokintics (Master Level Course)


Punjab Pharmacy Council, Pakistan,

Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CSPS), Canada

American Association Pharmaceutical Scientist. (AAPS) USA