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Ph.D. in Digital Journalism/ Digital Media

Reference Number: 111 Al Ain

Job title: Associate Professor in Digital Journalism.


Qualification: Ph.D. in Digital Journalism / Digital Media.


Job Description:


  •  Ability to teach a variety of specialized courses, such as data journalism, social media journalism, writing / editing for digital journalism, mobile journalism, and other courses related to digital journalism specialization.
  •  Control of new technologies, especially techniques and programs for combining image, sound, and editorial material into one digital content.
  •  Master the use of digital content production methods, especially digital cameras and audio capture devices and their supporting software.
  •  Contribute effectively to the college and university initiatives, and provide constructive proposals and projects.
  •  Encourage students to think about their future careers in a local, regional and international context and ensure that they are equipped to meet this challenge.
  •  Contribute to the development of programs in the college by building relationships and communication with local community institutions and contribute to the training program, as well as supporting an integrated approach to the curriculum.
  •  Ability to provide service to the college and university, to participate in the development, evaluation and review of the college curriculum, and to participate in the research activities.


General Conditions:


  •  A proven track record of teaching excellence at the university level, having at least 5 years of experience in university teaching and 5 years of professional experience.
  • Research published in international scientific journals indexed in the Scopus database.
  • Dedication to renewing, developing and proposing curricula.
  • Ability to teach students in digital journalism and the aspects of this specialty related to technical and technical theory.
  • High efficiency in the use of information technology in education.
  • Willingness to provide all necessary and required services to the university and college.



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