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Assistant / Associate Professor in Journalism



The College seeks for enthusiastic faculty members with specialization in Journalism and/ or Digital Journalism Candidates, must demonstrate expertise in current convergent journalism practices and understanding of journalism technology.



Job Description:


A Ph.D. is required with relevant practical experience in Journalism, An MA holder with high professional experience in Print or Digital Journalism could be considered for the position. Candidates for this position should have a mixed previous academic and professional experiences, with scholarly or creative activities in the area of emphasis. Candidates are expected to be effective and have the ability to teach undergraduate students in both Arabic and English Languages and to be willing to engage in efforts to serve the community.


Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate the ability:

  • To lead teaching, curriculum development, and course management supporting the College’s activities in journalism studies.
  • To engage actively in research/scholarly activity.
  • To undertake projects at the course/college level focused on enhancing student practical experience.
  • May be required to mentor colleagues with less experience; co-ordinate the work of others to ensure effective teaching delivery; supervise administrative and professional staff.
  • To participate in the community engagement activities to serve the community.
  • To ensure that the teaching is informed by contemporary research in the relevant field and develops the ability of students to engage in debate, critical discourse, and rational thinking.
  • To ensure that students have an effective learning experience by providing high-quality academic guidance and advice, which enhances their employability.
  • To undertake work with a range of external partners and professional bodies/agencies in the UAE and overseas.
  • To reflect critically on teaching practice, implement improvements, disseminate good practice effectively to others, and contribute to quality monitoring and enhancement and to professional accreditation processes as required.
  • To work effectively as a team member, chairing committees and working groups, and where appropriate supervising or mentoring other members of staff.
  • To demonstrate innovative approaches to teaching and support for students through the use of a wide range of learning resources and appropriate pedagogic practice.


General Conditions:


The successful candidate will have: 

  •   Evidence of sound full-time teaching experience with an appropriate scholarly record at the assistant/associate professor level in higher education or hold an MA with a high professional record. 
  •  Demonstrate a high professional experience of working in the field of Journalism for at least 5 years.
  •   Bilingual Arabic and English (Special emphasis in the ability to teach in both languages)
  •   Evidence of excellence in research/Creativity. 
  •   Experience serving diverse communities or groups traditionally under-represented in academia. 
  •    Active participation in professional organizations or associations. 
  •   Excellent interpersonal skills.
  •    Be academically prepared and professionally qualified to teach journalism courses at the undergraduate level.
  •   Strong writing skills for traditional and new media.
  •   Effective and professional communication skills.
  •  Proficient with journalism new technologies, programs and applications.
  •  Photo journalism skills and editing video and photos.
  •   Basics of programming, able to create compelling pages that attract web audiences.
  •   Good practical experience in content creation.