Deans Council

Dean Council


Name Position Membership
Prof. Ghaleb Awad El Refae President Chairman
Prof. Amer (Mohammad Jaser) Qasem Vice President / Abu Dhabi Campus Member
Prof. Ibtehal Mahmoud Aburezeq Vice president, Development and Follow-up and Dean of Student Affairs Member
Dr. Nazih Abdelrahman “Khaddaj Mallat” Vice president, Accreditation affairs and quality assurance Member
Dr. Qutaibah Anwar Al Thebyan Dean - College of Engineering Member
Dr. Khairi Mustafa Salem Dean - College of Pharmacy Member
Prof. Mustafa Al Metwali Kandeel Dean - College of Law Member
Dr. Emad Mohammad AlGhazo Dean - College of Education Member
Prof. Zafar Husain Dean - College of Business Member
Dr. Rahima Aissani Dean - College of Communication and Media Member
Prof. Haythem Bany Salameh Dean – Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies Member


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