5 Amazing Apps for Mobile Photography (Android + IOS)

Mobile Photography is very famous nowadays as you don’t need to bring large and heavy equipment everywhere. In photography sometimes you get a moment instantly and for it, the most convenient way for photography is to do it from mobile.  Now all the mobile phone companies are focusing on camera as well because of they also the importance of it and it is becoming a very important feature of a mobile. But that doesn’t mean that by just buying a mobile phone who has a very good quality camera you can get the best picture. As I discussed in the previous article (5 biggest mistakes we do in mobile photography), you need to be very careful about certain things while taking a picture. However, now there are many apps to improve your photography skills and save a lot of time in editing. In this article, I will talk about those apps which are available for both IOS and Android. So, from my research and experiences some of the amazing apps are following:

Adobe Lightroom

Yes! It is available for mobile phones too and it’s free! The adobe lightroom is a very famous editing software for professional editing. Now they introduce it for mobile phones. It has all the basic editing tools like exposure, contrast, color balance, and clarity etc. And yes, it is available for both Android and IOS.


In this app, you have full access to manually set ISO, exposure and shutter speed. You can also use some advanced tools to get better results such as selective focus, exposure compensation, and exposure lock and this app are also available for Android and IOS.


It’s a unique app and available for both IOS and Android. It has a lot of creative filters which you can use on pictures to give the more artistic touch to your photography within few seconds. 


It is for post-processing. It has user-friendly interface due to which people love this app. It has tools to do basic editing as well as some advanced tools too like HDR, Retroux, and grunge to add some amazing effects on your picture.


It is available for both IOS and Android. The main purpose of this software is to create double exposure pictures which are very trendy nowadays and this is the easiest and quick way to get such picture. Diana has two options; it can select randomly any two pictures from gallery to create an artistic double exposure picture or you can choose manually as well.
These apps are very easy to use but there is no restriction to use any one of them or two. You can use multiple apps to get the best results. The technology is improving continuously and new apps are coming too which provides the faster and efficient way to edit the pictures in order to get more appealing results. So, keep trying and exploring.