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The Top Internet and Mobile Scams

Technology Jan 04, 2018
Written by Haneen Kanaan

Internet and websites help us in many things such as online shopping, payments, and communications. But you need to be very careful as there are many scams which are working just to get your personal and private information. The internet scams are not a new thing. There are many ways by which the scammers will try to grab your information and they are improving it day by day in order to trap even the smartest people. So, in this article, I will discuss different types of scams from which you ...

Technology Jan 02, 2018
Written by Haneen Kanaan

Common Computer Problems and their Solutions

The computer helps us in order to do different difficult things in minutes and now becoming a very important need. But it is very common that you might face different ...

Technology Dec 26, 2017
Written by Haneen Kanaan

Tips to Increase your Computer’s Speed

The computer speed means that how fast the processor of a computer executes or runs any command or action. There could be many reasons due to which your computer's spe...

Technology Dec 25, 2017
Written by Haneen Kanaan

5 Important tips for landscape photography

Landscape photography is such type of photography in which you capture the pictures related to nature. This is one of my favorite type of photography. For landscape ph...

Technology Dec 21, 2017
Written by Haneen Kanaan

Important factors while buying a camera lens

The lens play is a very vital role in photography which we all know and everyone wants to buy the best lens according to their need. It’s not an easy process to ...

Technology Dec 21, 2017
Written by Haneen Kanaan

5 important tips to avoid the blurry pictures

The blurriness in the picture is a very crucial thing for a photographer. It not only ruins the picture but also the precious moment and time which you spend on it. In m...

Technology Dec 18, 2017
Written by Haneen Kanaan

Basic Photographic Composition Techniques

If you think that photography is all about learning how to use a camera or how to do the post-processing then you are wrong. The composition is a very important factor t...

Technology Dec 14, 2017
Written by Haneen Kanaan

Tips to do low light photography without the tripod

In low light photography, the tripod is a very important factor as you need your camera in a stable form. As I discussed in the previous article (5 reasons to use a trip...

Technology Dec 13, 2017
Written by Haneen Kanaan

6 Most Common Photography Myths

The myth is such information which is circulated by a few people down through the history of on certain things which are not correct, just an assumption. In photography,...

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