5 biggest Mistakes in Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography isn’t that much easy as we expect. It also requires some key factors like exposure, composition, and focusing etc. However, there are some common mistakes we do while doing photography from mobile/cell phones.

Mobile is not in a steady position

This is a very common issue while doing the mobile photography. In mostly latest phones there is an option to take a picture at night or when you don’t have enough light. In such case, you need to put your mobile on a stable place or use any tripod or stand because came sometimes uses the slow shutter speed technique for such situation and in order to reduce the grains in the picture, you can use any external light or flash to get the better results.

Focus point is not set

Mostly we try our best to take picture as quick as we can but we don’t realize that sometimes it ruins the picture by not adjusting the focus point properly. Now in every latest mobile phone, you can set the focus point manually to create a more appealing picture. So, before clicking, don’t forget to adjust the focus point.

The camera is not clean

When the camera of mobile is not properly clean then it reduces the sharpness of the picture and we don’t get the perfect result if we are aiming to get a proper sharped picture.

The composition of a picture

The composition is very important in every picture. It does not just take a mobile phone and click it. Some people call it story in the picture which expresses the emotional, feeling or any depth in a picture which grabs the attention of other people in a picture. There are many composition rules and most famous one is “Rule of third” which most people use it to get a most appealing picture. 

Take multiple shots

Sometimes you won’t get the best shot at first click. So, what do you need to do is take multiple clicks by using different and unique perspective to get a perfect composition. Sometimes you get the desired picture after few clicks but sometimes it took days as well. So, don’t be impatient and keep trying to show people what only you can see or imagine.