5 Reasons to use a tripod

The tripod means a frame that has three legs. Similar to this, there is monopod which has only one leg. Tripod is used to get stability and lift the weight of the camera. Before discussing the uses of the tripod, you should also know about selecting the right tripod. In many cases, people don’t check the weight of the camera before buying a tripod which is the most important thing because if your tripod is light and your camera has more weight, then the camera will fell off because the tripod wasn’t strong enough to handle such weight. So, make sure you measured the weight of your camera before buying a tripod. Anyways, the uses of the tripod are a lot but I will talk about the main and common uses of the tripod.


This is the most common use of the tripod. As in some cases, you would need to use many heavy lenses or cameras to get a good picture such as in sports photography, nature photography or when you are using the telephoto lens. Because you need to keep your camera in a stable form and the weight of some lenses are too much which you can’t lift. As I discussed in a previous article (5 biggest mistakes in Mobile Photography) about the stability that how much it is important.

Slow Shutter or Long Exposure Photography

For slow shutter or long exposure photography, your camera should be in a stable form in order to get the perfect results. Which you can’t get by holding a camera in hands and here I am talking about a very long exposure photography like when you try to take the picture of milky-way or any street traffic shot, etc. so, for such situations, it’s the better to use to a tripod to get the perfect shot.

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic Photography is such photography in which you take a wide shot by merging multiple pictures. For such situation, if you don’t use the tripod you won’t get a proper wide shot because in a panoramic picture you need a perfect smooth movement of the camera from one angle to another.


For video clips, you can record while holding the camera in hands but for stable and smooth shots you might need a better and good tripod. Most people don’t like the shaky video and while holding the camera in hands you cannot record a stable shot for a long time. 


In time-lapse, you fix your camera at one place then you set up the time interval and number of shots. It's very important that your camera won't move during the process. Because a little movement can ruin your whole time-lapse. So, for such type of photography, the tripod is the best option to use.

Tripod is might be little difficult to bring everywhere and it might also take time to settle and adjust but for me, if I get the perfect shot using the tripod then it is worth it to bear such things. The uses of the tripod are not limited to these five things. There are a lot more and you can use according to your perspective to create an artistic work. So, keep trying and figure out some other unique and useful ways of the tripod.