AAU President welcomes the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities


A continuation of them in consolidating the bonds of international cooperation in the academic field, Prof. Ghaleb al-Refae –AAU President of Al Ain University, greeted the Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities, Prof. Sultan Abu Orabi, with a presence of a number of deans at the university.

This aims of the visit were to consolidate relations and to discuss prospects of cooperation between Al Ain University and the Association of Arab Universities, which would develop the institutional capacity of the university building, and the development in the field of quality assurance and accreditation, as well as to support the college's efforts at the university, as well as emphasizing on research and academic significance for faculty members and strengthen the bonds of cooperation among them. It extends to supporting the conduct of joint scientific research and exchange of results, nursing applied research and link the Arab development plans for the economic and social purpose.

The Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities visited the University's facilities and commended the equipment available at the university for faculty members and students.

Prof. El Refae stressed on the importance of the of Secretary General visit by assuring that Al Ain University has always sought to consolidate internal and external relations with all academic institutions, and its commitment to the application of all the standards of efficiency and quality assurance, which makes Al Ain University in the advanced ranks among other universities in the United Arab Emirates.

On the other hand, Prof. Abu Orabi said that Al Ain University is one of the scientific outstanding edifices, as a result of the availability of faculty with high academic degrees and experience from prestigious international universities. The university is also provided with the necessary scientific research tools, sophisticated educational devices and modern means of technology, that reflect positively on the facilitation of the educational process for teaching staff and the educational process for students.


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