AAU implements 70% of Al Ain expansion Campus

Around 70% of construction has been completed on an extension of the Al Ain Campus of Al Ain University, with a new building expected to be completed by 2019.

“The extension is part of AAU’s strategic plan to develop its facilities and continually improve the teaching and learning experience for faculty members and students, providing an exceptional learning environment for students, to enable them to creatively excel in both theoretical and applied disciplines,” said Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor. “The new building will be an incubator for scientific research and host various activities within the AAU community.”

Dr. Atatreh pointed to the UAE leadership’s focus on establishing educational institutions and championing scientific research as an incentive for all to assume the responsibility of improving education, contributing to the development of institutions of higher education and increasing the national standards of education in the UAE. 

“Construction work on the new building is proceeding at a rapid pace,” said Mr. Mohamed Nihad, manager of the Administrative Unit at AAU, stressing the University's commitment to completing the project as scheduled. The site has witnessed continuous work since construction began in mid-2017. With the concrete frame of the building completed around February of this year, work is currently underway on the building’s finishing, including air conditioning, lighting, and interiors.

Mr. Nihad explained that the building was designed to meet the highest environmental sustainability standards recommended by the Abu Dhabi Government, using energy efficient and heat-retardant polystyrene building materials. The building façade will be clad in rock wool, helping to insulate it from outside heat.   The highest standards of excellence in modern design and quality have been applied to the new building project, which comprises of 11,000 square meters set over a wide green area surrounded by palm trees. The building consists of two floors, a ground floor and four entrances for male and female students. It will contain 10 ‘smart’ classrooms for up to 50 students, equipped with advanced display screens, internal speakers, and state of the art AV systems.

The new building will also house eight laboratories which can each accommodate up to 40 students and come equipped with the latest interactive technology, three main meeting rooms, discussion rooms, seminar and conference rooms, and a large multi-purpose auditorium as well as research and study halls. The building will contain leisure and service facilities such as cafeterias, student lounges and more. It will house the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Business, and the College of Mass Communication and Media.



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