Dr. Noor Aldeen S. A. Atatreh

Dr. Noor Aldeen S. A. Atatreh



Dr. Noor Atatreh holds a Ph.D. degree in Pharmacy from Manchester University, UK, and MSc in Drug Chemistry from Newcastle Upon Tyne University, UK. He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK, a member of the British Association of Cancer Research, and Associate Member of the American Association of Cancer Research in the USA

Dr. Atatreh has been working with Al Ain University since April 2011. He is responsible for the implementation of the university’s vision and philosophy in accordance with the adopted strategic plan. He is looking after external affairs, cultural relations, modernization, and development processes at the university as well as maintaining the university’s positive image.

He demonstrates his dexterity as a strategic planner by combining sound intellect and education acumen with a natural flair for strategic development and international relations. As a board member for several companies, he exerts flexibility and capability to develop innovative strategies to drive the growth of the institution with impressive results that have contributed to continued success. He also focuses on sustainable growth and diversification in core sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, Dr. Noor Atatreh is an active researcher. He has several publications in peer-reviewed journals and participated in several international conferences. His research interests focus on cancer research, drug development, computer-aided drug design, and the discovery of new drugs.

He contributes to a number of public events and conferences highlighting the importance of community engagement and interaction, which impact and contribute to the local and regional economies as well as providing ongoing support for a variety of social, cultural, and educational activities. 

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