Customizing leadership practices for the millennial workforce: A conceptual framework

Published in: Cogent Social Sciences

May 13, 2021

/ Bayan Farhan

This study is a critical review of literature to develop a conceptual framework that offers new insights on the complicated interaction between the millennial workforce and leadership competencies. The current study applies contingency approach as a theoretical foundation to answer the question of which leadership practice is suitable for leading the millennial workforce. The study contributes to research on leadership by developing a theoretical framework in which the contingency approach beco...


Funding Higher Education as a Strategic Good of a Nation

Published in: Int. J. of Economics and Business Research

Apr 22, 2021

/ Mahmoud Askari / Ghaleb El Refae

In this paper, we propose that higher education should be seen as a strategic good of nations. We argue that Higher education is neither a private, nor a public good, and that its facilitation by governments, and its attainment of citizens is critically required for the wellbeing of a nation. As well, we use the partnership funding model of higher education as a framework to facilitate the strategic investment in higher education by economically capable governments. We used enrollment and fu...


The Role of Technical Innovation and Development of Industrial Sector in Korean International Business

Published in: International Journal of Business and Society

Apr 05, 2021

/ Tahira Yasmin / Ghaleb El Refae / Shorouq Eletter

With the pace of development and competitiveness, innovation plays an important role to capture the market share. Various countries have effective strategies to enhance Research and Development (R&D) and exchange value added products in international market. So, based on this the aim of this research is to examine the role of R&D, industrial design and charges for intellectual property in innovative exports in South Korean economy. Time series data for the period 1998 to 2017, Ordinary Least Sq...


A new strategic leadership model for surviving and coping: Lessons from Canada’s leadership approach to COVID-19

Published in: Cogent Business & Management

Feb 04, 2021

/ Bayan Farhan

In order to improve leadership effectiveness, it is critical to highlight leadership approaches and practices that contribute to improving situations of uncertainty and instability. This paper investigates and reviews Canada’s leadership at the federal level during the COVID-19 pandemic to propose a new leadership model that explains what leadership looks like and how it can make a difference in a time dominated by uncertainty and instability. The primary benefit of this new model is identifyin...


Designing business intelligence (BI) for production, distribution and customer services: a case study of a UAE-based organization.

Published in: Business Process Management Journal.

Feb 01, 2021

/ Mohammed Nuseir

Purpose Business intelligence (BI) is a strategic approach that can use analytical tools to collect and integrate information, apply business rules and ensure the appropriate visible output of organizational information. This study aims to present the design and implementation of BI in areas of business process improvement for production, distribution and customer services. Design/methodology/approach This study highlights the process of BI in the production, distribution and customer serv...

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The Readiness of Government Schools to Deal with the Emergency and Crisis Situations from School Administrators View Point

Published in: Journal of Education and e - Learning Research

Jan 28, 2021

Mariam Al Khalidi / Hussein Almajali Amaal A Masri

The study aimed to identify the readiness of government schools to deal with emergency situations and crises from the viewpoint of their administrators. Totaling (326) male and female administrators, the sample was randomly chosen during the first semester (2018/2019), and a tool was developed consisting of (26) items distributed in three domains. The results showed that the estimates of the sample members on all domains came with a high degree of readiness, and showed that there are statistica...

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