Khaled Khamis Nser, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133558


B.A. Social Work & Developing Societies/ Tripoli University (1993- 1992)

Diploma in Social Sciences/ Tripoli University (1996- 1995)

M.A. Social Sciences/ Developing and Social Planning (1999)

Ph.D. Urban Planning/ Poitiers University- France (2006)

Research Interests

Social Sciences

Urban Studies


Selected Publications

1-Al-Tkhayneh, K, Nser, k. (2020). The degree of cyberbullying to gender and social ecology in the united arab emirate, Balkan Social Science Review, Volume 16, 2020, pages 261-279.

2- Al-Tkhayneh, K, Nser, k. (2019). Emirati Women's perceptions of polygamy acoording to age, employment, and educational level. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews 7 (5),911-916

2- Urban Illiteracy and Illiteracy in Maghreb Countries, puplished by Social Studies Journal, Social Studies Center; version2, 2010.

4- Urban Planning in Tripoli City- in French language, Social Studies Journal; version1,2009.

5- Towards a Comprehensive Strategy to achieve a Social Development in Arab Maghreb Union Countries, puplished by Moroccan University Journal; version5, 2008.

Teaching Courses

Intorduction to Sociology

Research Methodology and Educational Statistics

Methodology of Sociology