Financing Constraints and Investment Efficiency of Canadian Real Estate and Construction Firms: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Published in: Working in progress based on Reviewers Comments

Dec 31, 2019

/ Abureza Islam

This article investigates the financing constraints and investment efficiency of Canadian real estate and construction firms (RECFs) using a stochastic frontier approach. Our results support the observation that Canadian RECFs have a strong dependence of using both equity financing and debt financing and debt financing is likely to reduce the uncertainty of future financing while equity financing might enlarge the uncertainty. Regional analysis shows that the investment efficiency level o...


Jordan banks’ perceptions of customer relationship management: a TAM-based investigation

Published in: Journal of Global Business Advancement

Dec 29, 2019

/ Kholoud AlQeisi

This research assesses the implementation of e-government in the police department in Sudan. The objectives of the study are to: a) investigate the effect of antecedents (government support, IT infrastructure, training, trust, ease of use and performance expectancy) on e-government implementation; b) examine the effect of e-government implementation on service quality in the police department. A quantitative method is deployed using a questionnaire to collect the study data, in which out of...


Integrating Global Sustainability Elements Into Accounting Programs: UAE University Business Education Case Study

Published in: The Business & Management Review

Dec 23, 2019

Sustainability nowadays is on many organizations and governments’ agendas. Addressing sustainability challenges and transforming them into opportunities for value creation is part of the DNA of tomorrow’s successful companies. As a result, more organizations integrate sustainability into their business strategies and the traditional role of accountants is expanding to provide sustainability reporting and assurance services. In response to this need, graduates of accounting should equipped with...


A novel hybrid locomotion mechanism for small mobile robot

Published in: ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications

Dec 11, 2019

Robots are the inventions of the modern world that has reduced manual efforts to a greater extent. Humans usually utilize robots to do works that are dangerous, dirty, and difficult. Mobile robots are operated using remote controlled mechanism. They are agile and can move from one place to another using remote mechanism. This paper includes the information on a novel hybrid locomotion mechanism for small mobile robots. By hybrid locomotion mechanism, we mean that the wheel and track type motion...


Effect of consumer innovativeness on new product purchase intentions through learning process and perceived value

Published in: Cogent Business & Management

Dec 01, 2019

/ Salem Al Jundi / Ahmed Shuhaiber Reshmi Augustine

Prior research on the impact of consumer innovativeness on new product purchase intentions experienced confusion about the definition of innovativeness and the interest in a specific domain. To fill the gaps, this study builds a new model to examine the multivariate effects of different variables on new product purchase intentions in general and the interplay between all latent variables. We tested a sample of 438 responses that reflect the perspectives of the public in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi...


Market Driven Sustainable Construction and Demolition Waste in UAE

Published in: Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana

Nov 30, 2019

/ Liza Gernal Rommel Sergio Ahmed Jamal Musleh

Waste management is a major problem and challenge specially in countries that have just started to build their infrastructure like the United Arab Emirates where the daily generation of huge waste is not tolerable. The Government of United Arab Emirates has created different initiatives coupled with several recycling projects to balance between the environmental sustainability along with the economic growth to ensure the long-term quality of life of its citizens and its residents. The aim of th...

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